About us


Kibano is a leading provider of digital solutions for the publishing and content industry. We have since 2007 worked closely with the publishing industry in Europe and globally to find solutions that fit the current value chain all the way from the author to the readers.

Kibano delivers today a full e-book eco-system of hardware devices (eReaders, tablets and audiobook player) and applications for retailers to compete fully against International companies (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, etc.). It comes with a full cloud service that synchronizes all content to all devices and applications.

It also combines the digital experience of eReaders/eBooks with the physical distribution of eBooks/audio books on menca digicards in your retail locations. We may be the only company in the world who delivers a fully integrated physical/digital service which can give you a competitive edge in comparison to other digital services.

Kibano is working on a range of different products and services and are looking for partners both domestic and internationally to provide and develop new services in cooperation with, publishers, content providers and retailers around the world.

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