Kibano is a all-in-one self playing audiobook. With the included earphones you can easily listen to the preinstalled audiobook right away – no CDs or downloads needed. In the box you can find all you need – just press play and enjoy!

A Kibano comes with one or more preloaded titles. When you want a new book – just buy a Kibano with the content you want the same way you buy a book or CD.



The Kibano has only four buttons (on/off, menu, joystick and hold). The centre button, joystick, is the main button you use to navigate in the menu, adjust volume, skip chapters and play/pause


The product is flexible in every way, and you can choose among several different audio formats (MP3, WMA, WAV and AUD, that last one being a unique format that doesn’t result in royalty expenses. You can also choose the audio quality by changing the compression. Among other choices we have the possibilities of including an internal FM-transmitter.


Traditional electronics products has a limited lifetime, Kibano can last as long as you want. Enjoy your favorites over and over – share it with your friends. The Kibano is designed to be like your traditional books, with the same endless lifetime. Once you are done you place it on your bookshelf along with your other books, or you can lend it out to friends and family.

Copy right protection

Piracy is a problem for many authors and publishers . When you choose to use a Kibano for your audiobooks you will not need to worry about this. When the content is placed on a Kibano, the system is locked and it can not be copied and distributed.


The Kibano audiobook and packaging is designed like a book, making it perfect for any bookshelf. You can put the Kibano on your shelf together with your other books making it natural to keep the Kibano after you are finished with the book, just like any other book.

Easy to use

The product is designed and developed so that people off all ages from kids to older people can use it. Through extensive testing in all age groups we have been able to develop an easy to use graphical user interface with intuitive buttons.

Download PDF Manual here

What`s in the box