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The menca digicard is a new format and medium for digital content such as eBooks, audio books, music and movies. The digicard is truly portable and at the same time large enough for holding high quality graphics such as a book cover, album, movie, game, etc. It has a certain weight due to its metal core, making it feel more valuable than plastic. The cards are desirable physical objects, making them easy and attractive to collect, share, trade and resell.

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The menca card can hold one to several books depending on the length of the book or a series of books. The concept is that each book is an exchangeable card, menca digicard, which is placed on the backside and read by the digireader (eBooks and audio books) or digiplayer (audio books). 

The menca card is perfect for physical distribution and in-house retail activities.




8-digit code for easy download directly in your menca apps

1. All cards have a unique card ID, 8 digits, which is linked to the content preloaded on the card, this is stored on our server.
2. Download the app (menca or white label) to any 3rd party tablet or smartphone.
3. Type in the 8-digit code in the app and the same content which is on the card is downloaded to the app from our server. The card and the content is now registered to this user.
4. Start enjoying the content on any 3rd party tablet or smartphone.


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The placement and release of the Digicard is especially innovative (patent pending).  Inside the card there is a small metal plate that makes the card stick magnetically to the player by small magnets embedded in the player casing. It is released by pressing the card down near to its cut-off corner. 



Why Digicard in 2012, 2015, 2020...

Perfect for storing digital content
Attractive physical size and weight (it feels “valuable”)
Perfect size for displaying artwork
Perfect gift item
Perfect for impulse purchase
Perfect for sharing and lending
One card can hold everything from one book to large compilations
Easy to offer more value through “2 for 1” or putting a whole trilogy on one card
Copy protection
Easy product placement in-store
Easy for all ages groups from young to old





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