Does your company want to put your own digital content on a Digicard?

Kibano has a simple solution to offer small and large companies to put your own digital content on a number of Digicards.

With a bundle of Digicard + Digiplayer your company can:

  • Sell content to external customers
  • Offer your own employees digital content 
  • Marketing purposes
  • Other

What kind of content can be stored on the Digicard?

  • Audio files
  • Pictures
  • Video files

Open or closed Digicard?

Your company can chose whether you want the Digicard to be open or closed and you have 3 options:

  1. If its “open” the end-consumer can connect the Digiplayer+Digicard to a PC and use it as a external hard drive and get easy access to the content files and can also drag & drop new files on the Digicard
  2. If its “closed” the end-consumer will experience the stored content as encrypted on the Digicard, but can use the rest of the available memory for own use (drag & drop files)
  3. If its “totally closed”, the end-consumer can not access the stored content and no memory will be available for own use (this is same as the digicards sold in the bookstores bacause of property right issues from author/publisher).

Possible Digicard memory size:

1 GB Digicard
2 GB Digicard
4 GB Digicard
8 GB Digicard

Time from ordering to delivery

Approximately 5-7 days after the content and artwork is received and confirmed.


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